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 Chisago Lake Township        Road Standards
 Chisago Lake Township     Platting Procedure Guide
  Developers Agreement

If a Resident of Chisago Lake Township is Subdividing property there is a PLATTING PROCEDURE GUIDE and a DEVELOPERS AGREEMENT  that must be followed


Chisago Lake Township Ordinances are the same as the County Ordinances.  Please go to the following website to obtain any Ordinances on Small Animals, parking, etc.

Dog Ordinance
Gopher Bounty

Chisago Lake Township offers the following Gopher Bounty:  Pocket Gophers $2.00/pair and Strip Gophers $1.00/pair.    To Claim your Gopher Bounty you must complete the Gopher Bounty Form and submit it with the Gopher feet to the Clerk.

Driveway & Building Permits & Zoning

Contact the Zoning Office of Chisago County


Reminder: Driveway permits are required prior to any earthwork. These are obtained from the County's Zoning office and help ensure the roadbeds are kept safe and ditches well drained.

Burning Permit
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